Why you should write your own blog posts

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Telling you to write your own blogs might seem like a Plumber telling you to unblock your own sink.

It might make little sense from a professional point of you but this aside, if you are in business it’s something I urge you to consider.

Your response might be:

I don’t have the time.

I’m not a writer.

I can’t think of anything more painful.

Do you like the idea of writing a regular blog for your business but the idea of actually doing it yourself, fills you with dread?

Then read on.

Writing a blog is not only a powerful way to engage your audience, it’s also extremely rewarding.

Here are just 3 reasons why you should ‘do it yourself’.

1. If only to bring you insights about your industry

Writing your own a blog post is not only gratifying, it allows you to articulate what you do, in a way that makes it accessible to your audience.

All that knowledge that you have accumulated over years suddenly you have the opportunity to bring it together in an organised piece of writing that has the potential to reach anyone all over the world.

Sometimes being so close to your business, you can’t see the woods from the trees. Over time your blog posts will tell a story about your business and how you have developed as an entrepreneur in a way that you could never have imagined.

2. Share your unique brand to an awaiting audience

And who knows your brand better than you?

If you are a small or micro business owner, chances are, you are the brand. Your  blog offers you the potential to articulate that brand and bring your business to life for your potential audiences.

An audience who, up until this point may not have heard of you or your business.

Your blog not only gives you a voice, it gives you visibility.

3. You want to help others /make real connections

There is a reason why you were drawn to this particular industry and you do the business that you do.

Your blog post might share your unique perspective, help someone gain a valuable insight, or inspire another to action.

Blogging offers you the opportunity to make real connections and help others along their journey.

And you can’t get more satisfaction than that.

Write because you genuinely want to share what you know and you will be surprised. There’s nothing to fear, in fact, you will discover that writing a regular blog…

Is fun.

Happy blogging!

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  • Holly Worton says:

    I completely agree. I know people who have outsourced their blogging, and I find that so impersonal. Blogging isn’t just about teaching and sharing information; it’s about creating connection…and if you’re not DIYing your blogging, then your readers are connecting with someone else!

  • Destiny says:

    Thank you for your comment Holly. I thought I was the only person who felt that way!

  • Miguel Acha says:

    This is a very interesting topic. Even if I am Spanish and my English language it is not perfect, I enjoy writing. To put on paper (or online) ideas and sharing them with others is interesting, but in my case, I enjoy writing because it allows me, or better, it encourages and stimulates me to think creatively. When you start a sentence and a paragraph, you don’t know exactly where it is going to take you. There is a mystery about improvising writing, as thoughts are coming while you are writing. This is like when somebody is listening, and just because of that, you are talking, and because you are talking, you have to think about it.

    And the mystery becomes a surprising awareness of your own thoughts, to the point that sometimes you wonder where these thoughts are coming from. This is like when you are studying for an exam and when you are doing a mock test or when you are writing some answers is when you realise if you remember it, if you have learnt it. In the case of blogging, when you write a post, you become aware of your own thoughts and every time you write a new post, even if it is the same topic, you can combine it with different thoughts, experiences and emotions you are having at the time of writing.

    So, I will emphasize that people should write their blogs for fun, as this passion will be transmitted better than when they are written by somebody who is doing it on behalf of others.

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