Is your work, your work?

By October 21, 2014Love your work

Have you ever wondered why the definition of the word ‘work’ has come to mean something we do almost begrudgingly? It often denotes a lack of choice, something we have to do to make a living. To highlight my point, just think how often ‘work’ is linked to the word ‘hard’.

This has often bothered me as we seldom refer to the other definition of the word. When something ‘works’ it is doing what it was purposefully designed to do and when something is ‘working’ it implies a sense of ease. Rather different from the first definition.

If your work doesn’t bring you a sense of ease, here are some tell tale signs that ‘your work may not be your work’.

Your job is a pay packet –nothing more and nothing less.

When money becomes your only motivator, resentment will inevitably rare its ugly head. And remember the association I mentioned earlier with the word ‘hard’ …? Need I say more!

You wouldn’t recognise the chief exec if you passed him in your work corridor

Sure you’ve seen him or her in the internal communications but don’t ask you to pick them out of a line up. This lack of interest in the one who holds the highest leadership position in the company, could just be an indication of a lack of interest in the company!

The thought of moving up the career ladder fills you with dread

While everyone in your department is checking the internal job vacancy board, (not an entirely healthy sign in itself) your silent response is -hell no!

Your weekends are taken up with worry about Monday, the start of the working week

Most of us have heard that the majority of sudden deaths due to heart attacks occur on a Monday morning. Diagnosis? A dread of the working week. What a sad statistic! Don’t become a statistic.

You don’t care the way you used to

This is potentially the most serious as it effects everything you do. A lack lustre, cut corners, get it over with approach does not bode well for your time within your company.

You dream of working for yourself

Crazy boss, inflexible working, office politics, these are just some of the reason why you might want to work for yourself. Is it a dream or just an escape from your current reality? Take the time to figure that out and if the answer is the former, start to plan that exit strategy.

If you are considering moving into a completely new field the experience gained from your current position will undoubtedly be useful to you in your new vocation. For example, if you are an office executive but a secret creative, good administrative skills will be extremely useful if you ever become self-employed. Think about the discipline of having to get up every morning come rain or shine for little reward than the salary. There’s got to be some payback!
How to make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be? Have a clear vision that can be broken up into practical, achievable and measurable steps. This will make your current work environment easier to bare while you secretly (or not so secretly) work towards living your passion.

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