Why your business needs a voice (and how to get one)

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I want to help business owners find their unique voice and become visible.

What do I mean by that you may ask?

In literary circles the ‘voice’ is that component that gives the writer his or her unique style. Here’s a definition I found on Google:

Voice is the quality that makes his or her writing unique, and which conveys the author’s attitude, personality, and character… Ginny Wiehardt (https://www.thebalancecareers.com/ginny-wiehardt-1276884).

In the context of business, I want to help the small business owner convey the unique value and personality of their business in such a way that it connects them with their ideal audience. Of course, I do this through words and those words can be anything from web copy to video scripts.

My role is essentially to help you articulate your brand through all the different media channels and develop a strategy so that you can do it yourself (if you so choose). Now back to the why we need a voice for your business.

To rise above the digital noise

There is something about utilising your voice that pierces through the digital noise and speaks to the intended audience. I can’t tell you exactly how it works -it just does!

It is the stuff brands are made of

We often miss the fact that our brand runs through our words just as much as it does through the visual aspects of our business. As content becomes increasingly more important and the web denser, the voice of your brand needs to be clearer.

It gives you an instantly recognisable style

Think of the literary greats, can anyone even try to duplicate people like Wordsworth, Sylvia Platt or Maya Angelou? why because your experiences and values are unique and that’s how it should be.

It resonates with your tribe

Ok, here’s the deal we write to create connection with our audience. Not just any audience but those who we hope will become loyal supporters and brand ambassadors.

The how to develop a voice for your business is the next blog post (sorry). Right now, here’s something to ponder.

Visibility demands more than the creation of content, in this content rich age it demands we exercise our voice.

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