What’s the story?

By September 27, 2018Uncategorized

There is much talk in the business community about communicating your story.

When we share the emotional impact that brought us to the point of doing what we do as a business, we bring the right brain into balance with the very fact driven left brain. It makes the information we are attempting to relate more relatable. A good story teaches us more than any list of facts ever could and it’s a damn sight more interesting. But there is more to ‘the story’.

Yes it appeals to the emotional right brain, yes it’s less dry and relatable but let’s be honest, the most important part of sharing your story as a business owner is to let the audience know, you can do for them, what you first did for yourself.

Never mind believing I could be a full-time writer, I never believed I could earn a living doing what I loved. I have tried every type of work from postwoman to administrator to keep afloat, until one day I decided I was going to write for a living because at that point I had nothing more to lose.

The story no matter how powerful and enthralling can’t do it all on its own.

Finding my way from where I was to where I want to be included many failed attempts. I now know that business owners that create the most impact are those that first, understand their value and second, know how to put it into words.

As I develop my writing career (I’m not there yet) I am actually enjoying the journey. Rather than looking for signs that I’m not getting to my destination, I see elements of the journey that show me that I am.

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