What small business owners really want

By February 13, 2019Uncategorized

We really want to have fun-or is it just me?

Sure you want to make money and be of service.

But is there really anyone out there, who doesn’t want to have fun and when it comes to small business entrepreneurs don’t we want to have fun doing business?. Ok maybe not every single day of our business lives will be hilarious but like this little cutie koala that I met on my travels -he wasn’t about to break a sweat any time soon.

For too long it was ‘all about the grind. But now something is changing; deep down we know it isn’t meant to be like this. Mother earth has provided us with so much naturally we just know she wouldn’t make it tough to live on her surface. We want to have fun, earn good money and be of service. Because when we are doing what is instinctive and natural to us and share it with another human being, we are being of service.

I am on a mission to liberate you from anything that tries to complicate the process of connecting with your audience. Whether you call yourself, small, micro, solopreneur; none or all of the above, I wrote a book just for you, to give you confidence in who you are and the business that you’re here to create.

Now go have fun!

A Simple Voice coming soon.

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