The Laptop lifestyle: Is it for you?

By October 26, 2018Uncategorized

How to become a laptop millionaire and work anywhere on the globe from a laptop? We have all seen those adverts on YouTube. The digital entrepreneur who sets their own working hours, preferably from a beach in nice sunshine and why not, throw in a cocktail or two.

These adverts are all over YouTube. Putting aside my suspicious and conspiracy fuelled mind, I actually love what is occurring right now as it pertains to our earning potential. The digital arena has made so much possible, from selling goods, to offering our expertise on line. Airbnb revolutionised how we live, giving greater freedom in relation to travel. Uber, the minicab app gives us freedom to travel in a more local capacity. I just discovered a website that allows you to offer tutoring services on-line or in person to individuals or groups; right up my street.

Freedom is one of our most fundamental values and for me, not much tops it when it comes to career and lifestyle choices. Sensing an unconscious need for more autonomy these adverts have jumped on that bandwagon hoping to hijack a growing desire for freedom to work on our own terms.

The freedom that I am talking about (and aspire to) is the freedom that comes from doing something in a way that reflects who I uniquely am. I could be on a different beach every single day of my life but if it didn’t fulfil the above, I might as well stay in East London. If the nine to five fulfils that need why would I leave? What I am explaining is a freedom to choose ‘how’ we do what you do –not just ‘what’ we do.

These laptop lifestyle adverts are likely to omit certain information that cloud a very rosy picture. How many people completed the programmes and what is the success rate? I may be a right brain dominant cynic but these are questions my left brain cannot help but ask.

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