The Psychology of Great Copywriting -The art of emotional connection

Many small businesses undervalue the importance of emotional connection in their copy and focus on giving rational arguments as to why prospects should buy their products and services.

It is rarely rationale that dictates the sale. Think about it. If it was, how would a prospect decide from the hundreds of businesses offering similar services at similar prices? There has to be much more going on than logic and as a small business owner your copy will need to reach into the hearts as well as minds of your audience to engage their interest. The personal touch and excellent service, both have a major part to play in building long-term relationships. But how do you connect with potential customers on an emotional level before they have had a chance to do business with you?

The premise is copy works best when it is founded on a central or core message that both reflects the brand values of the business and speaks specifically to the target audience. If the core message speaks to the target audience, the inspirational message identifies the group to which the target audience belongs or desires to be a part of. For example:

If the message is: ‘Set the standard for your business with your words’

The inspirational message could be: ‘You let your words do the talking’

The inspirational message reinforces a sense of belonging and can be stated or implied. The challenge from a copywriting point of view is integrating the core and inspirational messages into the copy requirements. This is the most exhilarating part of the copywriting process and the most creative.

There is a real sense of comfort in both belonging and being understood. It is how the best brands make lasting loyal followers and keep them even when logic says otherwise. And when you demonstrate an emotional connection in your business communication, you will fulfil a need that goes way beyond the features of what you sell. You give your customers and clients more than just a product or service, but an experience.


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