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Content that isn’t trying too hard but aligns itself with the values that the business represents. You could say is the Holy Grail.

How does a picture of a cute dog have anything to do with business you may ask? A reasonable question considering that some content on social media can appear to be pretty random. This brings me to one of the most asked questions when it comes to using social media for business – what do I post?

There are some businesses that lend themselves to social media. I am thinking of the creative artist who shares his or her artistic creations on line. If you are a creative you may not want to post all your best work, just enough to give your audience a flavour of what you do. What if you are a service based business like a psychotherapist? Patient confidentiality might limit what you share, but you can still enlighten you followers about how you do what you do.

Social media has its faults but does give a business a sense of freedom when it comes to connecting with their audience. I write for businesses and self-employed individuals but I also write creatively and love that social media offers us the freedom to express the different sides of our personality and brand.

If you love a strong visual image, Instagram is right up your street. Twitters limited word space actually inspires a bold and direct way of communicating.  LinkedIn is your business to business platform with a professional edge. Then of course there is Facebook. Not only is it the most popular social media platform for businesses, it has the added bonus of being able to reach out to followers, in real time.

Of course it’s totally up to you whether you share pictures of your doggy on social media. If you are a solopreneur and you are the business, it might just bring your audience into your world.

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