Why your business needs a voice (and how to get one)

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I want to help business owners find their unique voice and become visible.

What do I mean by that you may ask?

In literary circles the ‘voice’ is that component that gives the writer his or her unique style. Here’s a definition I found on Google:

Voice is the quality that makes his or her writing unique, and which conveys the author’s attitude, personality, and character… Ginny Wiehardt (

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What small business owners really want

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We really want to have fun-or is it just me?

Sure you want to make money and be of service.

But is there really anyone out there, who doesn’t want to have fun and when it comes to small business entrepreneurs don’t we want to have fun doing business?. Ok maybe not every single day of our business lives will be hilarious but like this little cutie koala that I met on my travels -he wasn’t about to break a sweat any time soon.

For too long it was ‘all about the grind. But now something is changing; deep down we know it isn’t meant to be like this. Mother earth has provided us with so much naturally we just know she wouldn’t make it tough to live on her surface. We want to have fun, earn good money and be of service. Because when we are doing what is instinctive and natural to us and share it with another human being, we are being of service.

I am on a mission to liberate you from anything that tries to complicate the process of connecting with your audience. Whether you call yourself, small, micro, solopreneur; none or all of the above, I wrote a book just for you, to give you confidence in who you are and the business that you’re here to create.

Now go have fun!

A Simple Voice coming soon.

Inspirational Content

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Content that isn’t trying too hard but aligns itself with the values that the business represents. You could say is the Holy Grail.

How does a picture of a cute dog have anything to do with business you may ask? A reasonable question considering that some content on social media can appear to be pretty random. This brings me to one of the most asked questions when it comes to using social media for business – what do I post? Read More

What’s the story?

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There is much talk in the business community about communicating your story.

When we share the emotional impact that brought us to the point of doing what we do as a business, we bring the right brain into balance with the very fact driven left brain. It makes the information we are attempting to relate more relatable. A good story teaches us more than any list of facts ever could and it’s a damn sight more interesting. But there is more to ‘the story’. Read More

Are you being seen?

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I understand the power of words, being a copywriter and brand strategist but sometimes I feel a little sad for those inspirational digits of communication that we often take for granted.

Why do you say that you may ask? The power to state your business clearly is something we don’t always appreciate until we find ourselves unable to reach the people who might be interested in what we have to offer. Read More

Do you know your unique value?

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I love being a small business owner. I love that this little business is an expression of who I am and what’s important to me. It allows me to express my strength with words, make my own decisions and learn from the journey. However working out my unique value hasn’t been a walk in the park. In fact it has taken me over four years (no joke). Just when I think I’m close to understanding what my unique value is, ‘it’ seems to slips through my fingers like a jellied eel.   Read More

Why you should write your own blog posts

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Telling you to write your own blogs might seem like a Plumber telling you to unblock your own sink.

It might make little sense from a professional point of you but this aside, if you are in business it’s something I urge you to consider.

Your response might be:

I don’t have the time.

I’m not a writer.

I can’t think of anything more painful.

Do you like the idea of writing a regular blog for your business but the idea of actually doing it yourself, fills you with dread?

Then read on.

Writing a blog is not only a powerful way to engage your audience, it’s also extremely rewarding.

Here are just 3 reasons why you should ‘do it yourself’.

1. If only to bring you insights about your industry

Writing your own a blog post is not only gratifying, it allows you to articulate what you do, in a way that makes it accessible to your audience.

All that knowledge that you have accumulated over years suddenly you have the opportunity to bring it together in an organised piece of writing that has the potential to reach anyone all over the world.

Sometimes being so close to your business, you can’t see the woods from the trees. Over time your blog posts will tell a story about your business and how you have developed as an entrepreneur in a way that you could never have imagined.

2. Share your unique brand to an awaiting audience

And who knows your brand better than you?

If you are a small or micro business owner, chances are, you are the brand. Your  blog offers you the potential to articulate that brand and bring your business to life for your potential audiences.

An audience who, up until this point may not have heard of you or your business.

Your blog not only gives you a voice, it gives you visibility.

3. You want to help others /make real connections

There is a reason why you were drawn to this particular industry and you do the business that you do.

Your blog post might share your unique perspective, help someone gain a valuable insight, or inspire another to action.

Blogging offers you the opportunity to make real connections and help others along their journey.

And you can’t get more satisfaction than that.

Write because you genuinely want to share what you know and you will be surprised. There’s nothing to fear, in fact, you will discover that writing a regular blog…

Is fun.

Happy blogging!

Small business does your message hold up?

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Now every business has a message even if it is never articulated. It puts into a short simple phrase, what you stand for, and is the meaning that makes sense of the brand.

As a new small business you may have created your tagline, written your web copy and have all your words in place to present your business to the world and introduce your brand.

But what about the message that holds all that up.

I’m not talking about key messages that organisations use as static phrases inserted into copy created to ensure a uniform style or consistent voice. I’m talking about the overall message of your brand that makes sense of those key messages and every other message that you choose to communicate.

It doesn’t just simplify your brand to your audience but also for you. It gives a fuller understanding of your words, positions your business and lets the desired prospect know their values line up with yours.

It takes some thought to produce the magic words that together create a powerful message which is rooted in your values and aligns your audience. This simple analysis might just help.

There are those messages related to solving a problem

Our prospect has a pain or problem that we show we can solve. This works well for the coaches, web designers or those servicing a clearly defined niche but what if you are selling a product such as bespoke furniture, clothing or jewellery?

What problem do you solve is a good starting point to creating a great message for specific industries. But if you are a small business intent on building a brand it might be time to take your business from relieving a painful ‘need’ to inspiring a meaningful ‘want’.

There are those who rely on aspiration

The premise is ‘you will become ‘more’ by your association with this product/service’.

This conjures up images of those TV adverts for big businesses that make implausible associations with ‘popular subjects’ or resort to shock tactics to get our attention.

Sexuality, health, wealth, family, security and love: These might be some of the values portrayed in the message but the audience isn’t fooled for a second that there is any meaningful connection between the corporation and the values portrayed.

And those that provide meaning through a shared experience

The product or service is only part of the story. Your audience craves meaning that goes beyond what you offer. So what are you really selling?

Messages that inspire through a shared value hit the spot in terms of emotional connection, because they give a sense of belonging.

Firstly; your message inspires because it fits in with your audience’s bigger picture. Secondly; the value expressed in the message is one that is not only clearly aligned with the brand but I would go as far as to say is the reason for the brand. It is no longer aspirational but inspirational.

Having a powerful message that speaks to the very core of your audience is more than a business declaring; I can solve your problem, but an audience knowing; I am understood.