How to develop your brand voice

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Content may have become the fuel for much of our marketing efforts but that doesn’t assume we know what that content should look like.

An organisation’s ‘brand voice’ incorporates both the copy that defines their brand (copy for your website, leaflets, and adverts) and the content that you create to engage your audience (social media updates, blogs and email campaigns). Read More

Why small businesses need to rethink their idea of USP

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Have you noticed that USP or ‘Unique Selling Point’ is often reduced to the service or product offered by the business in question? This narrow interpretation of USP, I believe, is more than ready for replacement. A new understanding being, your USP is not just what your business uniquely offers within the market, but what you the owner uniquely brings to the business.
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How to simplify your small business copy in 3 easy steps

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How do small businesses get heard in this digital age? They adopt a simple approach to their brand copywriting.

Simplicity is the cream that is rising to the top as organisations compete for your time and attention. Not only must businesses get their message across, they have to do it within the time it takes for a potential customer to be distracted by a more compelling offer. Read More

Is your work, your work?

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Have you ever wondered why the definition of the word ‘work’ has come to mean something we do almost begrudgingly? It often denotes a lack of choice, something we have to do to make a living. To highlight my point, just think how often ‘work’ is linked to the word ‘hard’.

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5 tips to writing a great personal bio

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How much should you write? What should you include? Do you write in the first or third person? These are questions that every entrepreneur has to face when creating their personal biography.

After your homepage, your about page is the most important on your website. How do you ensure you get the right balance of experience, background info and personality that makes you an attractive prospect for potential customers and clients? Read More

Why your brand voice makes all the difference

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At the early stages of starting our small business we often take great pains to get the visuals right. That is, we ensure that our logo communicates our brand effectively, our business cards are on point and our website looks professional. This plays a huge part in differentiating our business but what about our brand voice? This is the words we choose to represent our business and the style of communication. I am not just talking about ‘tone of voice’ but about the words that truly bring your values, USP and story to life and underpin your brand. Read More

Small business, forget cool just be you

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Have you ever wondered why whether it’s a small business idea or even individual, what starts off as unconventional or odd becomes mainstream and even fashionable?

It’s a phenomenon that has always intrigued me.

I was present at a business expo event which consisted of a number of slick corporate stands promoting businesses with few interested participants. At the back of the event was a not so slick, less put together stand that had the crowds drawn to it like the smell of a fragrant orchid on a July summers day. The stand in question was relaxed, didn’t try too hard and hadn’t the best publicity material, but it was the place to be. Read More