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April 2014

Get to the next level in business with strong copywriting


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You have something that larger businesses can never possess in such great measure. It can neither be bought nor sold and any attempt at replication will likely be exposed by your discerning audience. It’s the fuel that ignites the sales of your product or service, attracts happy and willing support and illuminates every aspect of what you do. It’s what your potential customers connect with because they glimpse something that immediately puts them at ease.

We are moving away from a remarkable period in advertising history, when big budgets attempted to buy our attention (and affection) in both airtime and editorial. Global brands often made dubious connections in an attempt to align themselves with the latest trend. Think of the food industry, where a mere 2% calcium content became the ‘healthy product of choice’. What about shampoo brands introducing never previously heard of scientific sounding names to legitimise product features such as the illustrious (to ‘dye’ for) shine. Read More