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March 2014

Quality business copy speaks volumes


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You walk into an establishment and expect special treatment. You look around to see who has noticed you and, if they haven’t, you create enough drama to ensure that they do. What am I talking about? The ‘do you know who I am’ syndrome or what some might call ‘being a diva’. What if you walk into an establishment and you are made to feel guilty for expecting quality of service. Are you a diva?

Let’s just say (yes, this was my experience) you pay for something in full (an arrangement of flowers) then arrive to collect the order and notice that the quality of the roses were not up to the required standard. Bear in mind this was the second occasion that I had bought flowers from this particular establishment and was less than impressed. On the previous occasion, the flowers were delivered to a church for a funeral and it was too late to do anything about it. Read More

Copywriting with your audience in mind


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Do a test of your brand. Ask your customers how they would define your brand to see how clear you have communicated it. It is a great feeling when the words they use match what you are trying to convey. If they can’t maybe you need to look at how you communicate this important element in your business communications. Your brand should identify your business but also inspire and speak to your target audience.

What is copywriting?

A copywriter uses words to move the reader to action (whether it is to buy, become a member or sign up) or to look favourably upon an individual or organisation. The act of communicating with written words with the aim of influencing behaviour is essentially what copywriting is. And the best copywriters do it without the reader even realising it. Read More

The effect of poor copy on your business


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We all do it. If something we experience for the first time falls short of our expectations it immediately colours every future interaction we have with it. Once the association has been made in our minds, rightly or wrongly, it’s hard not to stick. Like an actor’s poor performance affecting our expectation of his or her future movies.

I am not just talking about first impressions but also cause and effect. We fall in the street and immediately inspect the ground for signs of a bump in the pavement. We apply our understanding of cause and effect in the natural world to all our experiences. Once we make the association, poor first performance does not just equal bad actor but can also mean bad future movies with this actor. Read More