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February 2014

Small business entrepreneur value your uniqueness!


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I bet that one of the reasons you started up in business is because you wanted to share an idea or gift with the world. You had the belief that you could offer something new, solve a particular problem or create something that could.

The problem begins when we start looking outside of ourselves for validation and our competitors become the gauge of our achievements. The result is a tendency to compromise on who we are and that which holds the greatest potential for our business success; our uniqueness.

“A blog is an interactive tool based on personality and conversation.” Susan Gunelius Blogging for Dummies 2013

The rise and popularity of social media in the business arena is directly related to the demand by consumers for more personal and less generic, faceless business interactions. Information overload of the sales kind has left potential buyers asking the question in desperation: “Who are you and what makes your business different?”

Many business start-ups struggle to identify their Unique Selling Point (USP). They often don’t recognise what sets them apart and allows them to stand out in their particular industry.

The trouble is they are looking solely at the product or service and not the person they see in the mirror everyday. It begins with you and what you bring to the table and is the starting point for great copywriting.

What gets you up in the morning? Whose problem are you solving? Why do you feel passionate about what you do? These are questions that provide answers that resonate with readers. Much more than something confined to a product or service, the USP incorporates the answer to the most compelling question: Why are you in business?

It is easy to compare ourselves with others as we embark on the start-up journey but we must be careful to ensure we keep our uniqueness in tact. Not only does it differentiate our business in a sea of conventionality but also provides the number one thing the readers of your copy crave; authenticity.

Remember, the ugly duckling was never ugly. It just wasn’t a duck. If you are comparing your business to others and it has left you feeling you don’t measure up, take a good look at what you are using to measure and throw it out once and for all.

Let copywriting get you over the last sales hurdle


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You’ve researched your market, worked out how to position your business and written your marketing strategy for the next 12 months. You have even done the required internet marketing to get your name out online and shown up at the right networking events with promo materials in hand.

There is no disputing the power of marketing. It brings what you have to offer up close and personal to the buying audience and gives it relevance to them. Marketing has transformed the 20th Century and beyond into an entrepreneur’s paradise where anyone can have a slice of the pie if they can only tap into to the buyer’s mind and sell them exactly what they need (or think they do). Read More

The message is the creative force in copywriting


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What is it that leaves me in such awe of the written word and is intrinsic to its power? The thing that causes anxiety in even the most skilled copywriter and instills both fear and reverence. It has the ability to create powerfully positive responses but in an instance confuse, mislead and turn off in the time it takes to say “what went wrong?” What is this quality that brings with it such great responsibility commands the utmost respect and must be handled with great care? The word to which I refer is subtlety. Its unassuming appearance aside, this characteristic is for the entrepreneur not to be taken lightly. It is your greatest friend if mastered but a warning if approached with indifference you will experience the sting of the consequence. Take the‘s’ in the word subtlety and add it to ‘word’ and what do you get? Yes ‘sword’ and a double-edged one at that.

I recently viewed a website that although was not perfect grammatically or succinct in its presentation it was so effective in conveying integrity and trustworthiness that I would have bypassed the errors in grammar and employed the owner’s services. Beneath the obvious flaws it managed to convey the message powerfully that this was more than a job and he really cared about his clients. Read More