What makes your organisation or business unique?

Let me help you put it into words


Set the standard for your project or campaign. A full copywriting service that takes care of the words so your team can get on with other stuff.


Don’t need a full copywriting service? But you just know your copy can be sharper, clearer or more engaging.


Put a strategy in place so your business copy works with your brand and marketing. Know what you need to say, before you say it and who you need to say it to.


Attract your audience’s attention

Develop rapport with the reader

Articulate key messages

Communicate your values

Incorporate your USP

Convey trust

Encourage action

Make what you offer appealing

Make your business or enterprise appealing

Remove all doubt and ambiguity

Present you professionally


That’s where I can help.

I can provide:

  • A full copywriting service (includes; digital media and offline services)
  • Editing of existing copy
  • A strategy for your business communication
  • One or all of the above.

Are you…

An individual or organisation?
I cater to both.

Let’s break it down:

  • You know what you want to say but just don’t know how to say it – you need help to write the words or improve existing copy.
  • You don’t know what you want to say – you need help to extract your brand values and identify core messages for specific audiences. This provides you with a strategy for all your organisation’s communications.

Let’s summarise:

What do you need?

  1. A basic strategy for your business communication
  2. A basic strategy plus the words
  3. Just the words
  4. Just editing

Don’t have an online presence? This is the perfect package for you…

USP Copy Branding Package


Where you want your brand to be and what to do to get there


Put the fundamentals in place to jumpstart your marketing; USP, core values, Inspirational message


Target more than one audience at a time with a simple communication strategy


Choose from: Home page, Service pages, Media pages, About page


Choose from: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram

“Destiny made sure she understood the philosophy behind my business for my new website by asking lots of questions and the results were fantastic. If you are struggling with finding the words to describe what you do and who you are, you can rely on USP Copy to create something wonderful.”

SheilaImage Stylist

“Destiny provided a very efficient yet friendly service. We had an initial consultation on the phone and she was very supportive and encouraging of my vision. She also provided advice that I have been able to apply to my social presence and kept me informed about every step of the process. I will definitely be using her service again soon. ”



I’ll arrange an initial consultation with you face to face or by phone (whichever is more convenient). This is when I get to know you and your business and get to ask you some questions. They really do help me to understand your business needs (promise!).

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After completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Writing & Media at West Herts College, I began writing voluntarily for community groups and charities which led to paid work with creative’s and business start-ups. I did all this whilst working full-time but always secretly planned on turning my writing into a full-time career.

Whether it’s encouraging donations or averting a complaint, my work experience have all had one thing in common; interpreting the needs of customers, clients, service users, volunteers or donors. This has proved to be very useful in the context of copywriting. I bring the customers’ needs into the equation when you are too close to the project in question. The ultimate goal? To ensure that your business message is clear and speaks to the right people. Simple.

What is your brand saying?

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